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Nik Kilminster


Nik Kilminster is an enthusiastic and committed teacher, workshop facilitator and trainer. With over 25 years teaching in secondary schools across the 11-18 age range - where he worked as a Head of Drama, Leader of Performing Arts and Head of Key Stage 3 – he has had significant experience in working with children and young people in a variety of contexts and settings and knows the true value of both giving students opportunities that they may not normally have and also the need to keep them safe and aware.

Nik’s education philosophy was very much drawn upon a fundamental belief that schools should be welcoming, inclusive and inspiring places for learning and where every student matters and is nurtured to achieve their very best.  Students should be able to attend school in the knowledge that they will feel safe and secure; where equality and diversity are both accepted and celebrated; where all students are given every opportunity to participate, develop resilience and achieve their full potential and have high aspirations and beyond their expectations. Now looking to move away from full time teaching, Nik has been developing a variety of speaker roles for numerous organisations that help build upon these beliefs, such as Breck Foundation, TTC and The Talent Foundry. He also keeps his hand in teaching still, helping at a local school when required.

His talks in schools have seen Nik receive significant feedback on his delivery and pitch, proving that he is an effective speaker and fully capable of delivering the message in the manner intended. ‘Nik's delivery and presentation gave weight and significance to a serious topic and the pupils listened intently and respectfully to what he had to say’.

In his spare time, he enjoys live gigs and theatre; travelling into Europe; watching football and walking the family dog!