Terms and Conditions

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Stand Against Violence uses a hard hitting and emotive film during our secondary school workshops. When using our services it is important that you identify any vulnerable pupils who you think will find it hard to watch and discuss this with them in advance. Pupils who have suffered recent bereavements or those who have particular personal experiences of violence are an example of those who may find the film difficult. We will always provide a warning at the start of the film and give pupils permission not to watch if they find it difficult but it is useful for teachers to identify and discuss this with vulnerable pupils in advance and inform SAV staff prior to the workshop starting.

It is also important that you inform SAV of any pupils who may require adaption’s to our workshops. Our group work is interactive and involves working on the floor so please inform us in advance of the day of any disabilities that may require us to make adjustments.

Payment policy

Stand Against Violence requires full payment for all invoices within 30 working days of receipt. Invoices will be sent at the point of booking and will be required to be paid in full, at least 30 days before delivery. If a booking is cancelled, a refund will be issued in accordance of our cancellation policy. A booking can be rescheduled anytime up to one month prior to the delivery date, penalty free, up to a maximum of 2 occasions.

Late Payment

Invoices are required to be paid in full, within 30 days of receipt, unless a specific payment date is stated. Any invoices not paid within the payment policy terms will incur a late payment fee of £35.00 which will be applied to your invoice. Invoices not paid within 90 days of the payment policy will be subject to legal action being taken via a small claims court where any fees associated with this will also be paid by the client. 

Cancellation policy

Clients can cancel anytime up to one month prior to the delivery date. Should a client cancel within 1 month of the delivery date the client will be charged 50% of the total invoice value. If the client cancels within 2 weeks of the delivery date the full cost of the invoice must be paid. A booking can be rescheduled anytime up to one month prior to the delivery date, penalty free, up to a maximum of 2 occasions. The rescheduled date must be within 3 months of the cancellation date.   

Physical contact

Some workshops such as first aid and personal safety require minor physical contact with young people. Our trainers are insured, highly trained and have current enhanced DBS checks in place. We do not require any disclaimers to be signed ourselves however as a client you may wish to consider asking for parent/guardian consent prior to delivery but this is at the clients discretion.


SAV uses photos and video on our social media platforms to highlight our work. We will always seek the permission of the client to take photos and video ahead of delivery and will comply with any specifications around photography and film use. We will also inform clients of the intention for the use of this material as to whether this is for internal training use, such as the training of new teachers, or for promotional public use.

Funded services

Funded services are those delivered free of charge thanks to available grants or sponsorship. Due to strict conditions of these funds our cancellation policy will still apply.