Bullying and Harassment Prevention Training

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Bullying and Harassment Prevention

Training Course

This course explores the forms workplace bullying can take and its impact on targets. The programme encourages participants to consider the impact this type of ill-treatment can have in an organisation. It enables participants to develop skills that will help them manage situations where they encounter bullying, either directly or indirectly and empower them to play a role in preventing it. A range of delivery styles are used to engage all participants making this course easy to relate to. The scenarios used help participants explore examples in a safe environment, with the ability to reflect and question what professional behaviour looks like in the workplace. Participants are encouraged to take responsibility for their own behaviour to ensure bullying is challenged in the appropriate way.

What the course provides

  • An understanding of what workplace bullying is
  • The ability to recognise the different forms of bullying
  • An understanding of what to do if you witness bullying, face to face or on-line