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What we offer

Age appropriate workshops and assemblies for ages 8-18 and Young Adult Offender Workshops for under 25's

SAV works with the age groups most at risk of being a victim or perpetrator of violence through primary and secondary schools, youth offending teams, pupil referral units and other youth groups such as football academies. We tackle the issue of violence from multiple perspectives, including the impact on perpetrators, highlight the consequences of violence and challenge young people to consider their actions on others, to make positive future choices.

Our Workshops

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Grooming and County Lines

Prepares pupils to recognise some of the potential threats they might face with growing up.
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Domestic Violence Awareness

A powerful story of a young man murdered in an unprovoked attack. Enables pupils to explore the real cost of violence.
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Self defence

A practical session in which young people are taught the essential aspects of personal safety.
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Street First Aid

An essential session for all young people as they move forward in their levels of independence.
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Alcohol Awareness

This is a fun and interactive session that teaches pupils the often ignored side of the effect of alcohol.
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A powerful yet sensitively delivered course that addresses the issue of bullying. Using the true story of Amber, a young girl who's experience were such that she took her own life.
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Violence Awareness

Enabling pupils to develop an understanding of the grief, loss and anger associated with the incident at an age-appropriate level.

Workshop stats

Last year, we delivered to 18,455 young people across 134 organisations.  

We deliver to young people from 8 – 26 years old, in England and Wales across a diverse nature of communities, both rural and inner cities.  Our regional delivery is currently:

•        Midlands 9%

•        North East 10%

•        North West 4%

•        South East and London 32%

•        South West 41%

•        Wales 2%

The majority of our delivery is to schools as they remain one of the most effective ways to reach large numbers of young people.  The current delivery is split as: 

•        65% to secondary schools

•        20% to primary schools

•        10% post-16 colleges; and

•        5% to other institutions such as special schools, private institutions and prisons.  

44% of violent instances are committed under the influence of alcohol.

Learn more about our "Alcohol Awareness" workshops ✌🏻

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We are pleased to provide a few resources to provide you with some inspiration and materials to deliver to your young people. 🧑🏻‍🏫

Access our free resources here ✌🏻

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